The team here really understands how to support a project and get you to a smooth launch. Being not too technically savvy I was able to get my project launched on IMX and it was much better and faster than figuring out how to do it all on my own
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The Mayor of ChainVille
Imxlauncher is a great web based application to help you launch on the IMX marketplace and protocol hassle free. Serge is friendly and helpful and assisted us in getting launched into this new ecosystem. Great service and a great help
IMX launcher is the best tool when you want to launch your collection NFT on IMX. No any coding skill need. If you are an artist or creator this is the easiest tool with great UI and instructions. Moreover, the team is very active and supportive. I strongly recommend on this tool
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Serge's platform has been a big help. I genuinely couldn't have got my NFTs onto Immutable without him. I have also needed help from him numerous times with relation to the upload, the metadata and other things and he has been more than helpful. I would highly recommend his site to anyone
Important note: this is a third-party service not affiliated with the IMX team. However, we are on the official IMX #ecosystem-tools list

Want to launch your NFT collection on the GAS FREE Layer 2 Immutable X marketplace? But don't have the required coding skills? With IMXLauncher you can do it in a couple days (or even hours) without writing a single line of code. Minting thousands of assets will cost you nothing

Required steps and costs:

  1. Create a collection of digital artwork
  2. Pay Registration fee of 0.3 Eth (DM for payment details Discord: Serge#6187). You will be registered and receive login information
  3. Fill your collection data by following the detailed instructions
  4. Create and deploy a smart contract for your collection for Immutable X – costs from 0.15 to 0.25 Eth for deployment, depending on the GAS price (contract code and detailed instructions included). To calculate the deployment price of the contract, multiply 0.00186 by the CURRENT PRICE OF GAS (e.g. 100) = 0.186 Eth, add 5-10% for volatility
  5. Mint and list your collection for sale
  6. Enjoy sales and receive royalties

Latest updates

  1. Automatic contract registration for MAINNET has been implemented
  2. MINTER APP! We support the L1 payment – L2 minting scheme with a full-featured Minter Application. You can test minter app on Ropsten here https://imxlauncher.com/minter?accessCode=IMXF Minting features for airdrop or to your wallet through the interface are also available and can work at the same time
  3. Burn feature. You can burn IMX minted tokens
  4. Automatic contract registration for Ropsten has been implemented. Now you don't have to wait 2 business days to register a Ropsten contract. With IMXlauncher you can register it in a few clicks
  5. Royalties has been implemented by Immutable. We already support minting with royalties
  6. All projects launched with IMXlauncher will be listed and featured on imxflow.com for free

Important note

If you want your own app with custom logic, smart contracts, and other features, you need to look for a developer who can implement that

But if you just want to launch your collection on the Immutable X protocol, that's what we can do for you. All you need is to have URLs for your assets and your metadata. Your collection will be minted on the Immutable X protocol and listed for sale on the Immutable X marketplace AND all other marketplaces that support the Immutable X protocol. TokenTrove.com, Imxflow.com and others. OpenSea is also going to implement the Immutable X protocol. Over 1000 developers are currently building their projects on the Immutable X protocol according to the Immutable-developers discord channel, you must be one of the first

— winner takes it all, don't loose your time


  1. Do I have to know how to code or create smart contracts to launch a collection?
  2. Do I need to have my own website to launch a collection?
    You have to host your assets somewhere, you provide links to the images, which are recorded in metadata and stored in the blockchain forever. If your links stop working, the buyer won't see his image. You are responsible for the availability of your images, so it is very recommended to have your own website where you can host your assets. You can also host your images on IPFS but please consider paying for a custom IPFS node to avoid slow loading
  3. What do I get if I register and pay 0.3 Eth?
    You will be given access to a user-friendly and clear interface for building the collection and filling in all the data required, and detailed step-by-step instructions for each move. You do not have to be a programmer, but you must be able to enter data accurately and perform simple steps without making mistakes
  4. What other fees do you charge?
    12% of your tokens will be randomly selected and minted to our wallet (or funds for minting of 12% tokens if you use the Minter app). We also take 0.2 of your Royalty fees (if your royalty is 10% you get 8% we get 2%)
  5. Can I try to build a collection before I pay for the mainnet contract deploying?
    Yes, you can launch a collection on the Ropsten testnet (Ropsten contract deploying is free) and test it on the Immutable marketplace at no additional cost. When you are ready, you can go to the mainnet
  6. How exactly do you help to build a collection?
    You add your data to our interface, register your collection with Immutable and you get links to mint your assets and list them for sale. Your collection becomes available in the Immutable marketplace ( https://market.x.immutable.com) and all marketplaces built on the Immutable X protocol (TokenTrove.com, Imxflow.com etc). Your collection is created. You can manage it through your Inventory in Immutable (https://market.x.immutable.com/inventory)
  7. How many collections can I create?
    One registration – one collection. You can register as many times as you want by paying the registration fee
  8. Is it possible to make an airdrop for our community?
    Yes. You should provide a list of wallets for the airdrop. The first minted tokens will go to these addresses, one token per wallet address. These wallets must be registered in the Immutable marketplace to be able to mint to them
  9. Can we add a collection with one image for all tokens and reveal them only after the sale?
    As of now, yes! The Reveal option has already been implemented. You can hide the metadata before minting and then re-crawl it after your sale
  10. Is it possible to filter our collection in the marketplace by attributes from the metadata?
    Yes it is possible. You will create your metadata schema using a simple and clear interface where you will be able to specify the fields to be filterable
  11. I have no idea what this is or even where I am. I am an artist, I only have images on IPFS and metadata from Hashlips, can you help me launch the collection?
    Yes. We have a metadata converter from Hashlips format to IMX format, contact us and be sure your collection will be minted and listed for sale
  12. Do you have a Discord chat where I can ask a question?
    You are welcome https://discord.gg/GgaXp3xQA9